Welcome to Beaukiss Texas

There really is a place in the world known as Beaukiss… actually it’s in the great state of Texas.   The population of this place isn’t exactly high, there are a few people who live here and there and call it home.  This is the community page for Beaukiss, Texas.  If you call yourself a neighbor in Beaukiss, sign up and join the party.

About Beaukiss

Beaukiss Texas was founded in 1880 by Samuel M. Slaughter, an Indian, who had been appointed its first postmaster. Beaukiss was a prosperous rural community in 1884; it had a church, school, gristmill, cotton gin, and seventy-five inhabitants. By 1890, the population reached 100 and had a many businesses, several doctors, three fraternal organizations, and school. The town declined to a population of just seventy-five by 1920 and only had two businesses by 1931. The oil boom in eastern Williamson County revived Beaukiss briefly in the 1930s. By 1977 Beaukiss only had a cemetery, church and it’s Masonic lodge . Its population had shrunk to 20 by the year 2000.

Strange Name for the Place

Well the name was to have come from someone who said “That was the place I first kissed my beau”, and I guess the name stuck.

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